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Welcome to
Mignic Technologies

Mignic Technologies was founded in 2009, and later on incorporated in 2010, since our inception we have secured a fair sizable client base. Mignic Technologies deals in Media Printing, Design, General Supply of home commodities, Stationaries, Electronics, Petroleum Products, Construction Materials, School Items and many more. We consider our selves a "One Stop Supplier" satisfying all our clients demand.


- Below the line of advertising (Concept Creation & Art Direction)
- Wall Graphics
- Corporate Identity Branding(Caps/T-shirts/Pens/Mugs/ Umbrellas/Lanyrads/Cars)
- Printed Media (Magazines/ Art Direction/Letter Heads/Business Cards/Logos/Brochures/Id Card/Jacket Folders/)

- Office Furnitures & Consumables
- Staionaries
- ICT Equipments

- Vehicles
- Corporate
- Walls
- Mugs
- Umbrellas
- Pens
- Dairies
- Rain Coats